brandenburg concertos meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "brandenburg concertos" in a sentence
  • 勃兰登堡协奏曲
  • 布兰登堡协奏曲
  • concerto:    n. 〔意大利语〕 【音乐】协奏曲。 ...
  • brandenburg:    勃兰登堡(德国地名); 勃兰登堡州; ...
  • harpsichord concertos:    大键琴协奏曲; 羽管键琴协奏曲
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  1. He has once again effortlessly accomplished the difficult balance between serious music and swinging jazz bach s brandenburg concerto no . 5 as performed by this jazz trio accompanied by werneck chamber orchestra has become one of the most exciting fusions ever between jazz and classical music
    他再次轻而易举地在严肃音乐和摇摆爵士乐之间取得难得的平衡这队爵士乐三人组演绎巴赫的《布兰登堡第五号协奏曲》 (由威尔尼克室乐团伴奏) ,是古典音乐和爵士乐最动听的混合演绎。

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