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  • bovine:    adj. 1.牛科的;牛的;牛一样的 ...
  • viral:    adj. 病毒(的),含病毒的,病毒 ...
  • diarrhea:    n. 【医学】腹泻。 have di ...
  • virus:    n. 1.【医学】病毒;滤过性病原体 ...
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  1. Regression test of an isolated strain of bovine viral diarrhea virus
  2. Bovine viral diarrhea virus ( bvdv ) , a pestivirus , is the causative agent of bovine viral diarrhea - mucosal disease in cattle throughout the world
    牛病毒性腹泻病毒( bvdv ) ,是世界范围内导致产生牛病毒性腹泻-粘膜病的瘟病毒属病原。
  3. Bovine viral diarrhea virus were propagated by mdbk cells . after five to six continuously and rapidly passing , the cells emerged evident cytopathic effect . then the infected cells and its solution were harvested
    Bvdvnadl株属于致细胞病变型毒株,用mdbk细胞培养增殖bvdv ,经5 - 6次连续传代至出现明显的细胞病变。

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