bone awl meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "bone awl" in a sentence
  • 骨锥
  • bone:    n. 1.骨(头);骨状物〔象牙等〕 ...
  • awl:    A.W.L., a. w.l. = ...
  • curved bone awl:    弯形骨锥
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  1. And there are no bone awls or needles that would suggest that neanderthals were skilled leather workers , despite the abundance of animal skins that their hunting would have provided
    虽然存在大量的兽皮? ?可能是狩猎所得,但没能找到骨锥或骨针,这样就不能证明尼人是否熟练掌握了缝制皮革的技术。

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