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[网络] 划船俱乐部;游艇俱乐部;船会
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  1. the fraser valley dragon boat club is a non-profit society, established in 2002
  2. we join in rebuilding the shanghai boating club, attracting foreign investment to make it become the first-class club
  3. you are invited to the chinese lunar new year party at the venue of tai po boat club on saturday, 16th february, 2008, from 7 : 00pm
  4. on behalf of all the members that make up the fraser valley dragon boat club ( fvdbc ), i would like to welcome you to our website
  5. please complete and fill in details below and return to the tai po boat club limited, adjoining lcsd water sports centre, tai mei tuk, tai po, n . t . or fax to 25246563

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