blue paper meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "blue paper" in a sentence
  • 化钡
  • blue:    adj. 1.青,蓝,蓝色的,天蓝色 ...
  • paper:    n. 1.纸;裱墙纸。 2.报纸,报 ...
  • paper blue:    低蓝洗; 新银河洗
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  1. He walked out fast, leaving the head waiter staring dubiously at the flimsy blue paper .
  2. Pros : turn your black and blue paper weight back into a working wireless router
  3. The old prince in his big , sprawling hand , making use of occasional abbreviations , wrote on blue paper as follows
  4. I m told for a fact he ate a good part of the breeches off a constabulary man in santry that came round one time with a blue paper about a licence
  5. Yet it has solemnly promised to use its blue paper draft for consultation purposes and subsequently make appropriate amendments to that draft

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