blue end meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "blue end" in a sentence
  • 蓝端电缆
  • blue:    adj. 1.青,蓝,蓝色的,天蓝色 ...
  • end:    n. 1.端,尖,末端,终点。 2. ...
  • in the blue:    闷闷不乐; 浅蓝深蓝; 在碧蓝的天空
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  1. Similarly , in the spectrum of a star moving towards us , the characteristics lines would show a “ blue shift ” , i . e . , they would be displaced towards the blue end of the spectrum , corresponding to shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies
    同样,在向我们靠近的恒星的光谱上,特征谱线会显示“蓝移” ,即谱线移向蓝端,就是说波长短而频率高。

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