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  • 布隆过滤器
  • 布隆器
  • bloom:    n. 【冶金】大钢坯,钢锭;铁块,钢 ...
  • filter:    n. 1.滤器,滤纸,过滤用料[砂、 ...
  • bloom:    n. 1.花〔特指观赏植物的花〕;开 ...
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  1. It is proved that weighted bloom filter has lower false prediction rate than bloom filter
  2. Bloom filters are transmitted among shared proxies instead of sending the full list of cache contents
  3. Weighted bloom filt ers and counting bloom filters have been suggested as means for sharing web cache information
  4. The major reason is weighted bloom filter needs very strong conditions , which cannot be satisfied in the real world
  5. But the simulation results shown that bloom filter has lower prediction rate and it is better than weighted bloom filter
    但是,模拟结果显示, bloomfilter有较低的错误预测,比weightedbloomfilter好。

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