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  • 闭锁状态
  • 阻断状态
  • 阻塞状态
  • block:    n. 1.片,块,大块;粗料,毛料; ...
  • state:    n. 1.〔常作 S-〕国,国家;〔 ...
  • forward blocking state:    正向闭锁状态
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  1. Ports transition from the blocking state to the listening state
  2. The blocking state of a port is renamed as the discarding state
  3. In this case , i passed in a block stating the following
  4. The path that is not the least cost path to the root bridge returns to the blocking state
  5. A switched internetwork has converged when all the switch and bridge ports are in either the forwarding or blocking state

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