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Pronunciation:   "blocking medium" in a sentence
  • 阻滞媒质
  • block:    n. 1.片,块,大块;粗料,毛料; ...
  • medium:    n. (pl. -dia ) 1.媒 ...
  • blocking:    闭塞; 编块; 布局; 除泡; 传导 ...
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  1. The hot dry rock geothermal energy is a r . ew clean energy and have excellent development prospects , but is not yet exploited on large - scale in our country then to mankind : the theories and technique of the heat extraction all belong to the new task in the new field , and already have a strong appeal to the international technology worker , and already have obtain certainly achievement , on the basis of study by our predecessors , this paper do the as follows work , acquire the following main result : lx present a many fields coupling mathematics model for solid - flow - heat of 3d blocked medium in hdr
    高温岩体地热是我国以至人类尚未大规模利用而又极具广阔开发远景的新的洁净能源,对其进行开发利用的理论与技术都属于新型领域的新型课题,已经吸引了大批的国内外科技工作者的投入,并取得了一定的成果。在前人研究的基础上,本文做了如下工作,获得了如下主要成果: 1 、建立了高温岩体地热开发的块裂介质固、流、热多场耦合数学模型,模型控制方程包括完全耦合的变形方程、渗流方程、热传导与对流方程,描述了热储层的非线性特性。
  2. In order to exhibit the application of the method of porous media macroscopical geometric classification and minimum energy dissipation , the combination system between one - dimension pipeline media and three - dimension block media is tried to simulate the destroying and developing process of soil piping erosion

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