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  • 阻塞电平
  • block:    n. 1.片,块,大块;粗料,毛料; ...
  • level:    n. 1.水平仪,水准仪;水准测量。 ...
  • blocking:    闭塞; 编块; 布局; 除泡; 传导 ...
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  1. After single line declarations non - block level declarations
  2. Block level access
  3. And the estimate of motion based on block level moving was also discussed
  4. If this frame field adaptation is extended to macro block level , the coding efficiency will be further increased
    在h . 264 avc中,图像级的帧场自适应paff编码和宏块级的帧场自适应mbaff编码都被采纳。
  5. It ’ s a pc cluster running linux named network storage cluster ( nss ) . it ’ s a linux block level implementation and is transparent to file systems . using pc cluster , it ’ s scalable and low - cost implementation
    根据tns数据布局的特点,本文提出了基于linuxpccluster结构的存储系统体系结构的设计方案? ?网络存储集群( nss : networkstoragecluster )系统。

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