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  • 盲拷贝
  • 密件副本
  • 密秘抄送
  • 特别副本送
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  • blind:    adj. 1.盲,瞎,失明的;供盲人 ...
  • carbon copy:    复写[打字]的副本;〔口语〕极相像的 ...
  • bcc blind carbon copy:    隐蔽副本;盲目抄送
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  1. B . c . c . blind carbon copy
  2. Blind carbon copy b . c . c
  3. Is a semicolon - delimited list of e - mail addresses to blind carbon copy the message to
  4. Gets the address collection that contains the blind carbon copy recipients for this e - mail message
    获取包含此电子邮件的密件抄送( bcc )收件人的地址集合。
  5. A semicolon - delimited list of e - mail addresses that receive a blind carbon copy of the e - mail message
    以分号分隔的电子邮件地址列表,这些地址接收电子邮件的匿名副本( bcc ) 。

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