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  • vt.,vi.
    (blended, blent ) 混合,搀合,混杂,掺杂;融合调和。 blend the ingredients in a recipe 按配方调料。 Sea and sky seemed to blend. 海天一色。 The red sofa did not blend with the purple wall. 这种红色沙发和紫色墙壁不调和。 blend whisky 调制威士忌酒。n.
    混合;混合种;混合色;合成语;混纺纱。 tea of +More...
  • blend in:    调和; 混合,加入; 原意为协调一致 ...
  • blend with:    和……交融在一起; 混和
  • alcohol blend:    酒精调和液; 酒精混合液
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  1. Rainbarrow had again become blended with night .
  2. Melt the butter and then blend in the flour .
  3. Which blend of coffee would you like ?
  4. The city is a happy blending of town and country .
  5. The sea and the sky seemed to blend into each other .

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