blend in meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "blend in" in a sentence   "blend in" meaning
  • 调和
  • 混合,加入
  • 原意为协调一致的
  • 这里引申为不愿意暴露的
  • blend:    vt.,vi. (blended, ...
  • blend with:    和……交融在一起; 混和
  • alcohol blend:    酒精调和液; 酒精混合液
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  1. Melt the butter and then blend in the flour .
  2. Do try to blend in without causing trouble the word persia instead of iran .
  3. Her husband's suffering and dangers, and the danger of her child, all blended in her mind .
  4. The house blends in well with its surroundings
  5. Trim the lower beard to blend in with the rest

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