bleeding gums meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "bleeding gums" in a sentence
  • 牙龈出血
  • bleeding:    n. 1.出血;放血;静脉切开术。 ...
  • gum:    n. 〔英方、俚〕上帝 (=God) ...
  • gums:    齿龈; 牙龈
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  1. Stomach ulcers , hair loss , bleeding gums
  2. During this time the puppy can have swollen , bleeding gums and want to chew everything it can
  3. When we think of gum disease , we might think of swollen , bleeding gums ; or tooth loss in the most extreme cases
  4. Platelets cause clotting , and without those , people experience nosebleeds , bleeding gums and extended bleeding from cuts
  5. Bayberry bark and oak galls are two of the most powerful astringent herbs known they stop bleeding gums , reduce inflammation and bind and tighten tissue

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