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Pronunciation:   "bleach action" in a sentence
  • 漂白作用
  • bleach:    vt. 漂白,漂;晒白;弄白。 bl ...
  • action:    n. 1.动作,活动;行为,行动。 ...
  • bleach (manga):    死神 (动漫作品)
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  1. The bleaching action of fluorides is slow in the alizarin dye procedure .
  2. Acts as a disinfectant on both bacteria and viruses likely to be encountered in the home 3 ) generally whitens fabrics the bleaching action of sodium hypochlorite is essentially completed in about 5 minutes , even less time in hot water , but slightly longer in cold . the dry version performs like liquid sodium hypochlorite bleach when dissolved in water

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