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  • 酵素
  • 生物酶
  • bio:    n. 个人经历,个人历史。
  • enzyme:    n. 【化学】酶。 digestiv ...
  • bio:    n. = biography. n. ...


  1. Development of new bio - enzyme catalyser carrier for water treatment
  2. Wholesaler and distributor of beauty health care products including bird s nest , aloe vera , pearl powder , and bio - enzyme
  3. Yellow water flavoring liquid was produced by yellow water after primary filtration and addition of high activity bio - enzyme processed by catalyzing beat cracking
  4. The features of the dyeing wastewaters and the status quo of the treatment are presented , and a review is given for the mineral and org . macromol . coagulators , as well as the bio - enzymes , such as their synthetic ways , chem . modifications , and application progress in dyeing / printing wastewater treatment

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