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  • 生物数据
  • 资历数据
  • bio:    n. 个人经历,个人历史。
  • data:    n. 1.资料,材料〔此词系 dat ...
  • bio:    n. = biography. n. ...


  1. A photocopy of the bio - data page of your lost passport , if available . if not , the nationality and number of your lost passport as well as the issuance and expiration dates , if available
    遗失护照个人资料版的影印本(如可提供) 。假若无法提供,则提供遗失护照的国藉和号码及其签发和到期日子(如可提供) 。
  2. On the artwork design of the bio - data page , the spokesman noted that hong kong s landmarks - the tsing ma bridge and the hong kong convention and exhibition centre , formed the main theme which projects hong kong s image as a cosmopolitan city
  3. Once accepted , the visa application centre staff will electronically capture the prerequisite bio - data and secure the application form , any supporting documents and the passport for onward transmission to the embassy or consulate - general
  4. " the cover of the hksar e - passport will basically be the same as the existing passport save for the addition of an electronic travel document symbol on the front cover in accordance with the standard of icao , signifying that the passport contains a chip while the bio - data page of the e - passport is made of polycarbonate , " the spokesman said
  5. " the hksar e - passports and e - d is will contain digital data including the holder s personal data and facial image which will be stored in the contactless chip embedded in the back cover of the travel documents , " mr peh said , " the holder s personal particulars and photograph will be inscribed onto the polycarbonate bio - data page of an e - passport or e - d i by laser engraving technology .

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