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  • 结合性能
  • binding:    adj. 1.缚[捆、绑]…的;黏合 ...
  • ability:    n. 能,能力,本领,技能;〔pl. ...
  • -ability:    后缀 由 -able 转成的名词词尾 ...
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  1. Establishment of hsp90 overexpressing cell line and analysis of the binding ability of hsp90 with substrate proteins
  2. The chemical structures of alginate and chitosan were analyzed , and a comparative study was conducted of the absorbability , metal ion binding ability and antimicrobial property of alginate and chitosan fibers
  3. The result of water - binding ability test including water - retention ability , especially water - adsorption ability , showed great enhancement of hydrophilicity of the modified pdl - la scaffold , which would favor for the 3d cell culture
  4. How many what heart output blood measures , the size of lung respiration intensity , muscle is able - bodied degree , outside indicating a person is right , the reaction of all sorts of environments mixes the bound ability of meet an emergency , it is the mark of vitality
  5. Rab7 mediates transport of proteins from early endosome to late endosome or fusion of early endosome with late endosome , while rab9 mediates the retransport of m6pr from late endosome to trans - golgi network . the gtp / gdp - binding ability and intrinsic gtpase activity of rab proteins make them exist in rab - gtp or rab - gdp status . the switching of rabs between gtp - bound ( active ) and gdp - bound ( inactive ) forms requires other regulatory proteins , including guanosine exchange factor ( gef ) , gdp dissociation inhibitor ( gdi ) and gtpase activating protein ( gap ) , and lays the foundations of rab function
    Rab蛋白家族成员和其他小g蛋白一样可以结合gtp gdp ,在自身gtp酶的水解作用和其他蛋白( gef 、 gap 、 gdi )的调节作用下发生gtp (活化状态)和gdp (无活性)结合形式的转变;同时rab蛋白也在膜结合性( membrane - bound )和胞浆可溶性( cytosolic )之间变化,一个变化过程对应着一个功能循环,接着rab蛋白回到初始状态参与下一个循环。

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