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  • 比格斯塔夫
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  1. Sean _ biggerstaff > hi rita , " what kind of dining set defines me as a person ? " spot the quote
  2. Sean _ biggerstaff > no , a big part of what makes acting attractive to me is the opportunity to step outside of my own limited reality
  3. Sean _ biggerstaff > i have been waiting for the movie for years . i loved the tv show , i just hope the film lives up to it
  4. Sean _ biggerstaff > hey brandon - it would completely depend on the circumstances at the time , what the part entailed and who was involved in making the film
  5. Biggerstaff and richter s rule of three which implies that a designer should looked at three system before creating a reusable implementation applies as much to aspects as it does to objects
    Biggerstaff和richter的rule of three (意味着设计器应该在创建可重用实现之前检查三个系统)在方面上的应用与在对象上的应用一样多。

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