big heart meaning in Chinese

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  • (海一样)宽大的胸怀。
  • big:    adj. 1.大,巨大;大规模的;已 ...
  • heart:    n. 1.心脏,心。 2.胸,胸部; ...
  • big feet and big heart:    大脚丫与大心胸
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  1. You have a big heart don ' t you , sir ? - now
    您一定是个心胸宽广的人吧? -现在是
  2. Most women prefer husbands with big hearts
  3. He ' s just so special , he ' s got the biggest heart
  4. You know , duke , i bet secretly you have a big heart
    “公爵” ,我猜你其实是个坚强的人
  5. And the one who forgives owns a big heart

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