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  • 大数(交易时忽略不报的前几位数)
  • 大数目
  • big:    adj. 1.大,巨大;大规模的;已 ...
  • figure:    n. 1.外形,形状,外观;姿态。 ...
  • go the big figure:    彻底地干, 干到底; 干到底
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  1. He is a big figure in the business world
  2. If you are getting a new amplifier , why don ' t you go to the big figure and replace everything
  3. Having done thousands of bits of work of varying degrees from trees and rocks to architectural work to creatures like the space jockey [ alien 1979 ] and big figures , really it was just another job
    做过了数以千计的工作从各种硬度的木材石材到建筑物到生物例如像是宇宙骑师[异形1979 ]和大未来,真的这其实是另一种工作。

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