big bell meaning in Chinese

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  • 大贝尔
  • big:    adj. 1.大,巨大;大规模的;已 ...
  • bell:    n. (交尾期的)雄鹿鸣声。 vi. ...
  • big-webbed bell-toad:    大蹼铃蟾
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  1. When he talked of those enslaved, and the sorrows of slavery, his voice got like a big bell .
  2. British london " big bell " what is the name to come from
  3. Big bell temple hotel beijing
  4. These symbols of rank and authority were joined by the big drum and the big bell placed in high racks on both sides of the entrance
  5. Make the minimum of p or simulated figures show a big bell , but still audible timekeeping , as london s " stupid bell , " the same . main functions are : - open lid can

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