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  • 讲述了基本空战机动
  • 聚光圈
  • 总线功能模型


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  1. Efficacy of modified bfm - 90 regimen on children and adolescents with t cell lymphoblastic lymphoma : a report of 20 cases
  2. In the end of this paper , i will deduce a more complicated model based on the sfm , named bounced forecast model ( bfm )
  3. Bfm overcomes the weakness of sfm , but i also point out that bfm has a bigger problem . accordingly , sfm is approved to be a good model to solve stock price forecasting problem
  4. Design and implementation of a fast round robin scheduler , in which a pipelined barrel shifter and a pipelined priority encoder are used ; testbench development of functional simulation for module verification and system verification , in which the bfm simulation model are used and some reference examples are proposed ; discussing the questions that should be paid attention to when using fpga to design high speed circuits and some design skills ; taking part in the system ' s integration and fpga implementation ; taking part in the system ' s test and verification ; the design of this thesis has provided some key method for inter - communication among different network processors , and also accelerated the development of communication products
  5. This thesis focuses on the ingress process module of ctu , which translates c - 5 dcp format to rainier 4gs3 . the specification analysis , architecture and logic design , functional simulation testbench design , synthesis report and testing result are discussed in this thesis . the research work mainly includes : the specification analysis and design requirements of ctu logic ; the architecture and logical design of ingress process module , which includes receive control fsm , send control fsm and cell position adjustment logic ; the performance improvement of ingress process module to receive and transmit data cell at the full line speed
    本论文的主要研究工作包括:通信协议转换逻辑的功能分析和设计需求;通信协议转换逻辑上行方向的系统分析及体系结构设计,包括上行接收状态机、发送状态机、信元内字节位置调整机制等的设计;通信协议转换逻辑上行方向的线速设计,主要是上行接收的线速设计,要使用流水设计技术;提出了高速实现roundrobin调度策略的实现方法,并设计实现了桶式移位器和优先级编码电路;应用bfm仿真模型设计了上行处理各模块的仿真testbench ,完成了各级模块的模块仿真和系统集成仿真。

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