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  • 利用空舱所载的物
  • 配载货物
  • berth:    n. 1.(车、船等的)卧铺。 2. ...
  • cargo:    n. (pl. cargos, ca ...
  • cargo berth:    货物码头
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  1. It has studied the feasibility of following the practice of certain ports in europe and america , which have introduced a " green port policy " requiring berthed cargo vessels to switch off their engines and use the electricity on shore instead , so as to reduce emissions ; if it has , of the details of the study ; if not , whether it will conduct such a study ; and
    有没有研究仿效某些欧美港口的做法,引入"绿色港口政策" ,规定货轮靠岸后须关上发动机,改用岸上供应的电力,以减少排放废气如果有,研究的详情如果没有,会不会展开有关研究及

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