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  • 受益证书
  • beneficiary:    adj. (封建制度下)受封的;采邑 ...
  • certificate:    n. 1.证明书;执照,凭照;(毕业 ...
  • certificates:    获奖证书; 认证; 需出示身份证明
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  1. Beneficiary certificates of privately placed securities investment trust funds
  2. Invested in beneficiary certificates as well as exchange - listed and over - the counter stocks
  3. The beneficiary certificate showing the raw material of the goods should be presented
  4. The provisions of subparagraphs 4 to 6 of paragraph 1 do not apply to exchange - traded fund beneficiary certificates
  5. Investment fund can be divided into open - end and close - end fund according to whether beneficiary certificate can be redeemed

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