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  • 拍音
  • beat:    vt. (beat; beaten ...
  • note:    n. 1.备忘录,笔记,记录,略记; ...
  • doppler beat note:    多普勒拍音
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  1. If two fm signals are on the same frequency at the same time , there will still be a heterodyne or beat note ( unless one is 6 db stronger than the other )
  2. But most of the time a phone or a smart card that can be waved over an electronic reader will beat notes and coins hands down for convenience
  3. Piano timing is based on diapason normal and " the twelve melody of averages " and certain programs of musical rules as well as auditively distinguished " beat note " and it uses some instruments to adjust the tension of the piano ' s strings and the normal functioning of a piano ' s key mechanism

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