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  • (美国)“堕落的一代”〔五十年代末美国青年中的一个颓废派,以蓄长发、堕落、奇装异服、酗酒、吸毒、玩世不恭等为特征〕。
  • beat:    vt. (beat; beaten ...
  • generation:    n. 1.代〔约30年〕,世代,时代 ...
  • be beat:    累趴下了
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  1. The beat generation "couldn't care less" what happens .
  2. The beat generation " couldn ' t care less " what happens
    垮了的一代对发生的一切“并不是毫不关心” 。
  3. He is a member of beat generation
  4. Among the western icons which the book cites are the 1960s beat generation of jack kerouac ' s on the road
  5. A great number of graduate students were driven into the intellectual slum when in the lace united stateslace the intellectual poor became the classic poor , the poor under the rather romantic guise of the beat generation , a real phenomenon in the late fifties

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