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  • 呈势头
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  1. Publicizing non - directive normal education and synthesizing normal colleges are tendency of developed countries all over the world as well as china since late 1990s in educational reforms
  2. Industrial monitor systems face imperative requirements as cruel competition from market , advanced function and diversified clients . it ' s configuration thoughts and relative configuration software that would be tendency of modern industrial monitoring system
  3. But from citizen ' s participate - in power , modern means and non - coercive form method , russian administration law is being tendency of establishing incentive mechanism outside check and control mechanism . this is repulsive from " control of administration theory " , but compatible with " balancing doctrine " . despite we difficultly anticipate the russian administration method will choose what kind of mode , theory and practice of russian administrative law have already proved it is clear and indubitable to development to modern government by law
  4. Based on the current helicopter operation at home and abroad on transmission line and its technical development trend , the paper has carried on research and demonstration on feasibility to apply helicopter in cruising inspection of yang - huai 500kv transmission line from various aspects as its significance , necessity , selection of operating management mode and technical working plan as well as its rationalization economically etc . applying helicopter to operate on power transmission has been tendency of the world power industry . on using helicopter to cruise , inspect and maintain the yang - huai 500kv transmission line , the first objective is to insist on flying safety . two steps should be taken seperately for short term and long term objective . first , to rent helicopters and then , to buy them
    采用直升机进行电力作业已经成为世界电力工业的潮流,应用直升机巡视和维护500千伏阳淮线,应坚持把安全飞行作为首要目标,宜分近期和远期两个目标分阶段实施,先租机,再购机;直升机的选型,主要从安全性和经济性两方面考虑,在起步阶段租赁bo - 105c直升机;要根据作业项目和方法选择机载仪器设备;用直升机进行输电线路巡检,能极大地提高劳动生产率,具有明显的经济效益,并将提高我国直升机运用水平,促进我国通用航空事业的发展,从而带动相关行业的发展。

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