be ringed with meaning in Chinese

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  • 被......装满
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  1. The lake is ringed with willows
  2. Today you are poor , obscure , and disheartened , but tomorrow the world may be ringing with your name
  3. Throughout this paper , we assume that a and b are rings with identities and the only idempotents in a and b are 1 and 0
    设a , b是两个有单位元的环,并且他们都只有平凡的幂等元, m为非零的( a , b ) -双模。
  4. [ bbe ] and the bases of the pillars were of brass ; their hooks and the bands round the tops of them were of silver ; all the pillars were ringed with silver
  5. On the other hand , the servant who waited on the ladies was a tall , lean woman . she seemed wasted with disease , and her eyes were ringed with dark lines and glowed with somber fire

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