be on speaking terms meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "be on speaking terms" in a sentence
  • 关系好, 只是泛泛之交, 相适应
  • 相适应
  • speaking:    adj. 1.发言的,交谈的,说话的 ...
  • term:    n. 1.期限,期间。 2.学期,任 ...
  • speaking of:    说到; 谈及,提及
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  1. At last they are on speaking terms again !
  2. The two families had never been on speaking terms .
  3. Of course you know that her father and i hadn't been on speaking terms for years .
  4. Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms
  5. Ever since our quarrel last month we have not been on speaking terms

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