be in the mood meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "be in the mood" in a sentence
  • 想要做某事
  • mood:     mood2 n. 1.【 ...
  • in no mood:    没有心情做…
  • in the mood:    好心情; 森林里; 兴致勃勃; 一切 ...
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  1. I ' m serious . i don ' t know when i ' ll be in the mood again
  2. Because i do not know if she is in the mood for filmmaking at the moment
  3. I sometimes like listening to blues music , but i have to be in the mood for it
  4. Someone may be in the mood for private time while you want to get out , or vice versa
  5. You ' ll be in the mood for love and romance but as far as getting serious about one partner you are probably best to hold off

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