be in the know meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "be in the know" in a sentence
  • 了解内情
  • know:    vt. 1.知道;了解,懂得。 2. ...
  • as know as:    店洽; 正如你所知道的
  • be know as:    被喻为…
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  1. None of the students except jim is in the know of the exam
  2. I ' m sure the information i have given you is correct , for it was told me by someone who is in the know
  3. This part makes an exposition of indirect offence ' s differences from direct offenders , abettors and unilateral accessories it deals with the beginning and ending standard of indirect offence . it also expounds two main kinds of faults : a ) the user having a wrong knowledge of the nature of the tool being used and , b ) the cat ' s paws being in the know halfway

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