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  • 处在创始阶段
  • initial:    adj. 最初的,开始的;原始的;初 ...
  • stage:    n. 1.讲台;舞台;戏院,剧场;〔 ...
  • initial stage:    (生态)原始期; 初创阶段; 初级阶 ...
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  1. If a project is in the initial stage , the fund is mainly used for organizing management team and developing first period market
  2. Conclusion : the higher educational informatization . in china is in the initial stage , having striking gap comparing with the developed countries and regions
  3. It concludes when on - line pc has faults there would be accompany with pd simultaneously or pd ahead . and the phenomena of pd should be in the initial stage of capacitor ' s faults
  4. The research of 4pl is in the initial stage , scholars now have n ' t a unique definition of 4pl . some scholars have researched 4pl from different directions , but have n ' t made system theory
  5. The theory of housing filtering is dependant on perfect housing market . nowadays our country is in the initial stage of housing reform and it is unavoidable that many problems exist . however the filtering theories will give a reference for building housing
    住房市场过滤理论有赖于完备的住房市场,我国正处于住房改革初期,许多方面尚不完善,但过滤理论对于建设我国住房市场、完善住房政策仍有重要的借鉴意义和启发作用,一是大力宣传梯度消费;二是大力发展住房二级市场(存量房交易市场) ,盘活住房存量;三是大力培育住房租赁市场,完善配套机制。

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