be in the hole meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "be in the hole" in a sentence
  • 缺少, 亏空
  • hole:    n. 1.洞,穴,孔;(衣服等上的) ...
  • a hole:    眼儿; 一个洞
  • be in a hole:    处境困难
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  1. Something must be in the hole when we move the equipment onto the top of the " hole , " and that " something " must not be there , or must gradually disappear , during the lowering process
    当我们要将设备移动到“洞”的上部时,洞里必须有些“东西” ;同时,在将设备降到洞里的过程中,洞里不能有“东西” ,或这种“东西”必须逐渐地消失。

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