be in ruins meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "be in ruins" in a sentence
  • 变成虚墟
  • ruin:    n. 1.毁灭,灭亡;瓦解,崩溃;没 ...
  • in ruins:    变成废墟; 成为废墟地; 破败不堪; ...
  • ruins:    达也; 虚墟, 遗迹; 遗迹,废墟; ...
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  1. A church in a lady lake , florida is in ruins
  2. That half of san francisco is in ruins today
  3. Rows of low houses were in ruin after the rush of flood
  4. It s hard to believe that half of san francisco is in ruins today
  5. The building is in ruins

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