be in debt meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "be in debt" in a sentence
  • 该帐
  • debt:    n. 1.借款,欠款,债务,债。 2 ...
  • a debt:    情债
  • in debt:    把…提交; 负债,欠帐; 负债;欠钱 ...
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  1. He is in debt to the extent of 10,000 dollars .
  2. Then she was in years, and poor, and as far as i knew, might be in debt .
  3. "the truth of the matter is this," he said; "i am in debt to almost everybody in haiti. "
  4. If you are in debt , you lose your self - respet
  5. Do not borrow money unless you want to be in debt

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