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  • 受压(缩)
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  1. 3 analysis on axial compression ratio of l , t and + - shaped columns is undertaken . it indicates that for l and t - shaped columns , axial compression ration is very low when web is in compression , but for + - shaped columns , axial compression ratio approaches to that of rectangular columns
    3对l 、 t 、十形柱轴压比限值进行计算分析,指出l 、 t形柱当腹板受压时轴压比限值很低,十形柱轴压比限值同矩形柱相差不多。
  2. 4 experimental researches on l - shaped columns are conducted , the results agree well with theoretical ones . it approves that for l - shaped columns , the ductility is truly bad when web is in compression . though axial compression ratio takes 0 . 536 , bad ductility results
    4对l形柱轴压比问题进行了试验研究,试验结果也证明了数值计算结果的正确性,证明l形柱当腹板受压作用时延性的确很差,即使轴压比取0 . 536延性都很差,提出对柱轴压比要求较严的结构,不宜采用l 、 t形柱。

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