be charged with murder meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "be charged with murder" in a sentence
  • 被指控谋杀
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  1. He can be charged with murder according to this material .
  2. Edwin hall is charged with murdering kelsey smith whose body was found in a wooded area yesterday
  3. An indiana man has been charged with murder after the body of one of his sons was found in a lake
  4. So far a total of six men and four women , aged between 13 and 21 were charged with murder in relation to the case . they will appear in kwun tong magistrates courts this afternoon
  5. Police tonight ( february 28 ) classified the death of an 84 - year - old man in a hospital in happy valley yesterday ( february 27 ) as murder . two women aged 39 and 58 who were arrested yesterday in connection with the case have been charged with murder

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