be at the front meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "be at the front" in a sentence
  • 在前线
  • front:    n. 1.前部,前面;正面;(剧场的 ...
  • a front:    骗人的幌子
  • be to the front:    站在前面, 处于显要地位
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  1. Be at the front door with the money in ten minutes
  2. Iaf is at the front line of a growing profession
  3. No one can be at the front of the hotel . i have told you this
  4. Bill : i ' ll stand here then , i like to be at the front of the line
  5. So he decided he d get there early so that he d be at the front of the line and he d have the best chance of getting the job

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