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  • na. (猎犬追捕猎物等时)失去嗅迹;不知所措;出毛病
  • [网络] 有故障;有责任;有错误
  • at fault:    感到困惑, 有故障; 有错; 有过失 ...
  • fault:    n. 1.过失,过错;罪过,责任。 ...
  • in fault:    有过错
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  1. it is management that is at fault rather than the work force .
  2. i had growing conviction that it was not myself but the loved one who was at fault .
  3. he could never accept the fact that he had been at fault
  4. in this case, the taxi driver is at fault
  5. at this point your logic is at fault

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