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  • [网络] 放心;定心;放心的样子
  • at ease:    安逸; 不拘束; 放飞心境; 放松, ...
  • at ease with:    对……感觉轻松; 和….相处不拘束
  • ease:    n. 1.快活;安心;悠闲;自在。 ...
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  1. he that is at ease seeks dainties .
  2. he was at ease in the world of arts .
  3. he is at ease about the matter .
  4. now i know the more you are at ease with yourself personally, the more you have to offer artistically .
  5. this is natural because it takes a superhuman degree of self-abnegation to be at ease with a man whose most exhilarating moment is likely to be one's death .

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