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  • 基础平面
  • 基底平面
  • 基面
  • 基准面
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  1. Developed from the theory of projective geometry , this paper made a detailed research on the basic theory of the image - based plane measurement technique
  2. The angles of masticatory muscles and base plane are 63 . 9 in massater muscle , 114 . 55 in temple muscle , 64 . 4 in medial pterygoidp muscle
    小型猪牙长轴倾斜度分别为:上颌第一磨牙6 . 1度,下颌第一磨牙为6 . 5度,上颌第三前磨牙为7 . 3度,下颌第三前磨牙为3 . 8度。
  3. The vector - based plane - wave spectrum method ( vpws ) is improved , which can directly obtain the far field diffractive pattern depending on the output near field data in the bor fdtd meshes by use of the deduced formulas in this dissertation
    改进了平面波谱传播算法( vpws ) ,推导出的公式可以由borfdtd计算空间内的近场输出数据直接计算出远场的电磁场分布。
  4. After studying a lot of documents of computer - graphics and computation of geometrical , based on nurbs , which is a pop expression to describe curve and surface , the author put forward a method ? ? to identify bad point by most excursion , to illustrate how to choose smooth base plane , which is not referred in most documents , and to introduce optimize method of operational research to combine surfaces , especially for surfaces combination with vertex , and improvement of combination effect
    在解决多曲面有角点的拼接问题中引入了运筹学的优化方法,改善了多曲面拼接的效果,而且在ugii造型软件的基础上,用visualc + + 、 ug / openapi进行二次开发,加入了坏点剔除,曲线光顺,曲面片之间的拼接等功能,很好的解决了反求工程中所遇到的问题。
  5. The external wall thermal insulation series dispersion products prepared by basf functional polymers division involve latest developed dispersion of base coat and bonding mortar specific for the exterior insulation finishing system , and the dispersion for external wall decoration system ( such as the exterior coating specific for the base plane to process putty , primer and coating decorative surface ) as well as ceramic tile adhesive specific for decorative surface of ceramic tile

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