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  1. At first , it introduces some item bank theories and connected terminology , including the basic characteristic and assignable requirements for the quality of test paper
  2. Although options have been traded in american chicago board option exchange since 1973 , almost nobody could , at that time , foresee that they would bring about enormous pound and influence on practice and financial and banking theory in the following several decades
  3. According to these background , we have proposed 3 auto acoustic feedback suppressor schems : scheme i . two major algorithms - the wavelets or filter banks theories and the frequency sample filter theory have been implemented to make up the scheme a adaptive acoustic feedback suppressor
  4. During the analysis , the thesis systematically analyzes the establishment of chinese deposit insurance system , based on the information economics , insurance science , money and banking theory and other financial theory , and using many ways , such as empirical test and standard test . inductive method and deductive method , and so on
  5. Today ' s banking industry pays special attention to the expected income of the potential borrower . most banks discarded the commercial loan theory that once dominated the banking theory in the history . they make personal loans to consumers based on the theory of the expected income of loan

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