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  • 银行管理
  • banking:    n. 银行业;银行学;金融。
  • administration:    n. 1.管理,掌管,经营;〔英国〕 ...
  • banking:     banking1 n. ...
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  1. Begin with the awareness of risk , the paper points out the important role of the interest rate risk management in banking administration
  2. Elaborated the system function and the realization , the data flow and the memory emphatically , including on inventory , user registration , net ordering and shopping , stock inquiry , backstage data bank administration and so on
  3. Securities operating agencies the establishment of which was approved pursuant to the provisions of administrative regulations and the department of banking administration under the state council prior to the coming into force of this law which are not in full conformity with the provisions of this law should meet the specified requirements within the given time period

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