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  • bald:    adj. 1.秃(头)的;【动物;动 ...
  • spot:    n. 1.斑点;污点;疵点,缺点。 ...
  • a bald spot on the lawn:    草坪上光秃秃的一块
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  1. My father ' s too distracted by his bald spot to do anything
  2. - covers your bald spot . - it ' s not bald , it ' s
    -盖着你的秃头? -这不是秃头,这是
  3. Covers your bald spot . - it ' s not bald , it ' s
    盖着你的秃头? -这不是秃头,这是
  4. Elliott : in the forest … the bald spot . you ' ve got to find him
    艾略特:在树林… …空地。你一定要找到他。
  5. Your cat doesn ' t comb his hair eight different ways to hide the bald spot

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