b and meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "b and" in a sentence
  • 毕恩毕
  • 供应住宿和早餐
  • b:     a B picture ...
  • a b:    酸枣仁皂甙
  • a to b:    上一篇文章: 枪械词汇
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  1. Be pleased to make my compliments to mrs. b and to dear miss c .
  2. The receiver is hooked up through a battery to wires b and c .
  3. Slide two beads on b and five on a over to the right hand side .
  4. In the calculation of fixed end moments, joints b and c are temporarily locked .
  5. The shaft of fig. 3-33 is simply supported at a and b and is keyed against rotation at a .

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