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  • B and T,〔美俚〕熏肉番茄三明治
  • b:     a B picture ...
  • t:    中世纪罗马数字的160。
  • a b:    酸枣仁皂甙
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  1. But the rate of apoptosis in certain cells ? notably , the b and t lymphocytes of the immune system ? is excessive in those who have lupus
  2. Released by activated macrophage and natural killer cells , it is a potent immuno - modulator which mediates a wide range of immune and inflammatory responses including the activation of b and t cells
  3. Unlilie other cells that also use the salvage pathway for purine biosynhesis , prolfferating b and t cells are solely dependent on the de novo pathway for the generation of wsine . by blocking impdh , b and t cells cannot synthesise the necessary levels of ana and dna to molm a proliferathe response to ags and ndogens
    根据对balb c和c57bl 6小鼠互为供、受者进行移植的结果表明,在排斥发生时间上不同的鼠株移植组合存在差异b 0刀匀, balb儿小鼠的同种应答强度较c57bl 6小鼠为弱。

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