axle casing meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "axle casing" in a sentence
  • 后桥外壳
  • 轴盒
  • 轴壳
  • axle:    n. 心棒,轴,车轴。
  • casing:    n. 1.装箱,装袋,入鞘。 2.〔 ...
  • rear axle casing:    (独立悬挂)后桥轴壳; 后轴箱
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  1. Cover , rear axle case
  2. Axle case assy
  3. Abstract : by mean of adjusting the position and shaps of risers , shrinkages and porositi es in balancing axle case are eliminated on the principle of direirional solidification , its density is a lso improved

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