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  • 轴衬
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  1. Working process of axle bush for rotary kiln supporting roller
  2. Crane ; crane rail wheels with roller bearings , flattening of axle bushes
  3. High carbon value prevent high sulphur engine axle bush that diesel oil lead to the fact from corrode wearing and tearing
  4. Have anti - oxidant , anticorrosive , resist the abradability the fine one , prevent the wearing and tearing of the parts , corrosion and axle bush are corroded
  5. Qimo car accessories , refrigeration equipment , mechanical equipment and accessories , axle bush and accessories sales axle ( field ) sets , axle bush and accessories production and processing ( limited operating branches )
    汽摩车配件,制冷设备,机械设备及配件,轴瓦及配件销售,轴(衬)套,轴瓦及配件生产加工(限分支机构经营) 。

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