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[ 'ɔ:θəraizd ] Pronunciation:   "authorized" in a sentence   "authorized" meaning
公认的,审定的,核准的。 an authorized agent 指定的代理人。 authorized capital (公司被批准发放的)股额。 an authorized textbook 审定的教科书。 an authorized translation 经原著人认可的翻译。 Authorized Version 钦定圣经译本〔1611 年英王 James 一世核定发行的英译圣经,亦称 King James Version〕。
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  1. The city authorized a housing project .
  2. He authorized me to act for him while he is abroad .
  3. The letter authorizes him to visit gsp&l installations .
  4. Also, the offer i am authorized to make is somewhat better .
  5. Alex vandervoort had authorized him to employ an informer .

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